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Toys play a very important role in your pet's life.

They keep them active. 

Pets that engage in regular active play are very unlikely to become overweight. Regular exercise keeps your pet in top condition and in the very best of health.

They keep them mentally stimulated. 

Play helps to prevent your pet from getting bored. Different types of toy challenge your pet and keep them mentally engaged. Stimulating play also helps to prevent your pet developing behavioural problems.

They help them learn and practice life skills. 

Hunting skills may not be as vital to house pets as they are to animals in the wild – but these skills are all natural instincts that are important for your pet to practice. Playing with toys can help them to hone these skills and exercise their natural instincts.

Toys to help you play with your pet

There is lots of choice available for this type of toy. Traditional choices include balls and frisbees,
and these are brilliant if you have a lot of space to play in. If you have a smaller animal such as a cat
or little dog, you may want to consider rod and laser toys. These can challenge your pet, and make
sure they get their daily exercise!

Dancing Dot Laser Cat Toy

Chew Toys

Some pets become less playful as they get older. In these cases, you might need to provide an extra
incentive to get them excited. Treat holding and treat dispensing toys are ideal for this. These types
of toys often take the form of puzzle or chew toys, but have the added bonus of treats!

Treat Dispensing Toys

This type of toy is particularly popular with dogs. Many dog owners rely on chew toys to stop their
dog from chewing other household items. Some dogs do like to chew, and a well designed toy of
this sort can get them playing and keep them away from their owner's shoes!